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Does Cesar Cassirer confirm a relationship with Konrad Janssens?  “Happy birthday, mother-in-law” |  Ltd

Does Cesar Cassirer confirm a relationship with Konrad Janssens? “Happy birthday, mother-in-law” | Ltd

LtdHave Cesar Cassir (35) and Konrad Janssens (21) found love together? The duo has been dogged by persistent rumors for weeks. Their relationship has not been confirmed yet, although that seems to be changing now. On social media, Cesar Casserre refers to Conrad's father as his “father-in-law.”

Has the relationship between Cesare and Conrad – the son of former Miss Elsie de Meulemeester and much-discussed businessman Glenn Janssens – now been confirmed? Everything seems to point to that. Conrad's father celebrated his 50th birthday this week and invited his inner circle to dinner. Also present: Cesar Cassir. The model wanted to highlight the businessman and chose eye-catching words: “Happy birthday, father-in-law,” she wrote on Instagram. This seems to indicate that Casier is now part of the family.

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Cesar Caser shared this amazing message on Instagram. © Instagram @cesar_casier

However, this is not the first time loving words have been delivered. The ball started rolling when Conrad shared a touching photo with Cesar earlier this year, in which he celebrated New Year's Eve together in Ibiza. “The future looks bright,” Janssens wrote, to which Cassir responded heartily. Furthermore, Conrad's mother, Ilse de Mulmeester, also left a series of hearts under the picture. All the comments under the photo were also relevant: “Love is the best medicine,” one wrote. Or also: “We wish you all the best” and “What a lovely couple you are.”

“It's still early”

In recent interviews, Cesar has mentioned the phrase “my love” several times. Although he has remained somewhat vague about this until now. “I've recently met someone, but it's still very early,” he told Nina in December last year. He also indicated what kind of person his ideal partner is: “He should support me in my work and be there for me. I want a man who will support me in my choices and give me advice. I think it is beautiful when loved ones trust, cherish and, above all, strengthen each other.

Konrad Janssens seems to meet these requirements. They already have a common passion: the world of fashion. Cesare is one of the world's top fashion models and campaigns for Armani, Porsche, and more. Conrad is also very ambitious. As an aspiring model, he has contracts with agencies such as Next Models in Italy, Fusion Models in the United States, RUN Model Management in Brussels, and Dominique Models, the largest and most prestigious modeling agency in Benelux.

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