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Does Garyt Verhulst still send an option in "K2 looking for K3"?  NS...

Does Garyt Verhulst still send an option in “K2 looking for K3”? NS…

K3 has been completed again since Saturday, but according to a Twitter fan, it wasn’t just Marthy and Han’s pick. © Het Nieuwsblad

Final selection in the final K2 looking for K3 Saturday evening it was up to Marthy and Haney, though many don’t think Big Boss Gert Verholst had nothing to say. He believes that a Twitter user found a fragment confirming that statement. “Sneaky Gert,” writes to the concerned viewer.

Eileen Debbie

TwittererTimreports listens for a message hidden in words Gert Verhulst addresses K2 before making the final decision between Julia and Amy. “As far as I’m concerned, you…yes, do and follow your heart,” says the Studio 100 president in his speech. With nothing too much trouble you hear Julia’s name.

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Would Verhulst have agreed to a code with Hanne and Marthe so they knew what to do, like Gilles Decoster does with the Vandal in the mole? Probably not, but it’s a comical coincidence.

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