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Kanye West regrets running for president |  Famous

Kanye West regrets running for president | Famous

FamousKanye West, 44, who now lives as Yee West, regrets that he ran for president. He told this in a video message that he himself shared on Instagram. It seems that “my speeches were not prepared at all”.

Rapper and fashion mogul Ye West shared an adorable video message on Instagram in honor of Thanksgiving. In it, he questioned his credibility as a candidate for the presidency of the United States: “I participated without any preparation and I have no allies.” Yi also referred to former President Donald Trump’s red “Make America Great Again” hats, which he often wore in public. “My wife thought that was absolutely impossible,” he said.

The video, which lasts more than five minutes, is what West calls “a prayer of thanksgiving.” She also talked about his split with Kim Kardashian. During a rally, the rapper admitted that Kim once wanted to have an abortion when she was first pregnant. That was, he said, the last straw for the reality star. “All these incidents led to my wife filing for divorce and Kimi (Kim and Kanye, editor) no longer exists today.”

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Yi is determined to do whatever it takes to bring his family back together. “We made mistakes. I made mistakes. I did things that were not acceptable as a husband, but today I want to change my family’s story and reunite us as we should.” The couple has four children together.

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