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Dolan does not need an outside informant

Dolan does not need an outside informant

The SGP won one seat last week and went from six to seven councilors, while coalition members VVD and CU retained three seats each. Opposition leader Al-Jameen Belang Tolan has won three seats.

Party leader Wand Hoff of ABT believes his party has the right to an alderman. The SGP will speak to him in the first round of information this week, but little should be expected: both parties are far from each other in terms of content and ABT does not need to get a majority.

SGP seeks connection

Course development does not have to take much time. “I expect the new council’s definitions to be clear at the next meeting on Monday, April 4,” said SGP chairman Peter Hawke. There will also be a small discussion about ‘toys’. Hogg is again the Alderman on behalf of his party and his colleagues from the VVD get back home and von Leaven from the CU.

SGP wants to start working on a draft lecture program. In the coming days all parties will submit their spears to this. “The goal is to come up with a project that is as widely supported as possible,” says Hawke. “As SGP, we want to reveal that we are looking for a link.”

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