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The province is surprised by reports of rescue helicopters: ‘Atmosphere is awake as we came from Lillow’ | Zeeland News

ARNMUIDEN – The provincial government has raised eyebrows over critical comments made by Midden-Zeeland Airport about the new airport’s decision to impose restrictions on large rescue helicopters.

Airport Director Enno Peldrock mocked the rules of the airport decision, which came into force recently this week. These allow large helicopters to land on Arnemuiden and carry out rescue flights over the North Sea, but such SAR (Search and Rescue) helicopters cannot be flown to Arnemuiden due to the small number of other aircraft. Do you want to hit someone first and put them in the water? Then the helicopter can fly here. ”


Should we hit someone first and put them in the water? Then that helicopter can fly here

Enno Peldrock, Central Zealand Airport

That may be so, but the director thereby ignores the establishment of the airport decision. It was changed two years ago at the request of the airport. The aim is to reduce the number of recreational aircraft carrying aircraft, making it possible for more helicopters to fly to wind farms at sea. An important detail: these are carried out by the company that still holds the contract for SAR operations, but flies from Rotterdam for that purpose and not from Arnemyton.

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