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Dolanaren will be able to walk around the marina again almost a year later

“The wheels are thanks to a new lubrication system,” says Alderman van Leeuwen. “The entrance gates have also been changed. The previous ones are more sensitive. We have a new registration column. It is user friendly.”


In the column, press a button if walkers want to go to the other side. The roller bridge then slides over the column, after which they can walk over water at a height of a few meters.

When the Volgograd-Zoom Lake was used as a storage facility in the event of a severe flood, the Water Board set up a dam to prevent the new home garden near the harbor from flooding. There have been technical issues since the overhead crane opened in 2017. The bridge was no longer in use after a storm in August last year.

The municipality and the water board came together this spring. “We told each other, you can’t come up with a good plan together, and then it won’t work,” Van Leaven explains. “That’s why it was decided to make a major alignment of the overhead crane.”

Two tons

Costs are under two tons. The Water Board pays two-thirds of the bill and the municipality one-third. Alderman is happy on the renovated bridge. “It’s an enrichment for the skin and I invite everyone to walk here with water.”

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