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US to begin deporting Afghans by end of July

The United States will begin the expulsion of Afghans who helped the U.S. military in the last week of July. This was announced by a senior US official on Wednesday.

Washington has launched a campaign to “help relocate Afghans who helped the United States and its allies.” Eligible Afghans who have submitted a special visa application can stay with their family members. The official points out that this is the promise of US President Joe Biden.

“Flights from Afghanistan for candidates who have already registered for the special visa program will start in the last week of July,” the official continued.

Could not release further detailed information on the timing and destination of the flights. It is not clear how many people use this scale.

U.S. forces plan to complete their withdrawal from Afghanistan by the end of August. The planned departure caused great concern among interpreters and other Afghans who aided the US military. They fear retaliation by the Taliban.

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