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Dongen People’s Party column: ‘Investing in our municipality’

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Public places or public places are available to everyone. Most public places are located outdoors, such as our streets and squares, De Bergen Nature Reserve or Trimbos. But you can also consider government buildings and public institutions that can be accessed free of charge. The common area is free for all of us to enter. Where we feel at home and where space is made for our animals too. We take good care of our public space with attention to green spaces, such as nature and biodiversity.

Green Lung in Neighborhoods and Villages: Together with Village Councils, Neighborhoods, and Interest Groups, we will introduce diversity within existing parks and gardens in a maintenance-friendly manner and make them more accessible when necessary.

Many people from Dungen participate in sports and exercise in public places. There are great initiatives, such as activities for seniors at Fredford Park. We advocate more physical activity structures within and outside the three cores of Dongen municipality, where nature reserves are given a prominent role.

Dongense nature development
Together with local nature organizations Ken en Enjoy, we engage young people in developing our nature. We would love to see this linked to the development of a mini forest or food forest near schools, for example in collaboration with IVN Nature Education.

Our community has a lot to offer. We must continue to promote it. We use RBT De Langstraat to promote recreation and tourism. We combine this with the structural budget to be able to continue developing small local initiatives with entrepreneurs. Collaboration with Leer Dongen Kennen and VOCD is important in this regard.

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There are concrete plans for the (natural) compensation of the 380 kV link, which we want to achieve with the residents and village councils of Gravenmoer and Klein Dongen-Vaart.

Klein Dongen-Vaart is the only core at the moment without a dog walking tape. We want to change that and our desire is to make a dog walking bar for Klein Dongen-Vaart’s heart as well.

As a local party, our focus is entirely on the municipality of Dongen. You can read our plans in our electoral program “Dongen op 1” on our website In the coming months, all topics will be explained in a column.