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Doritz Wright and Lewis battle it out: ‘You’re a cheat’ |  darts

Doritz Wright and Lewis battle it out: ‘You’re a cheat’ | darts

World No. 2 Peter Wright was 0-3 behind Adrian Lewis on dirty papers, but eventually won sweetly 6-5. However, after that, it was basically an issue between the two men on the podium, where even security had to step in.

Reason? Loose plank on stage. According to Wright, Lewis was constantly moving around on that plank during the throw. Lewis thought his opponent had deliberately taken him out of focus by starting over that plank.

The two-time world champion took to Twitter. “I didn’t do anything wrong,” Lewis wrote. “I didn’t understand what the problem was, so I asked him at the end of the match.”

“He deliberately got me out of my rhythm with that loose plank. That was his plan. This is disrespecting the number 2 in the world. You are a cheater. When I was in the lead, he knew very well what he was doing. He threw me out of balance.”

“Now people will say I’m a bad loser, but I say things as they happened. I have nothing to hide. I’m not a cheater.”

Wiener Wright quipped: “Adrian is a fantastic player and I love him. I hope he returns to the Premier League where he belongs soon.”

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