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"Down the road" is about wonderful adventures in Canada

“Down the road” is about wonderful adventures in Canada

“Down the Road” has been a staple on the small screen for years. In previous years, the caravan of Dieter Coppens and his companions traveled through Western Europe, South Africa, Spain, Morocco, Finland and Thailand. to Canada Another beautiful destination awaits the six participants.

It promises to be a great adventure: horseback riding, bison feeding, Survive on a desert islandA bear tour and much more. Of course, friendships will also arise this year, perhaps even relationships and of course the necessary discussions. Participants’ families are also discussed.

The six participants are:

Sabine (36 years old, from Caplin): “She dreams of a job in Hollywood and is not a fan of camping out at all. She likes to dream big and live bright, and is very smooth and articulate. She regularly strikes a comedic note with her one-liners.”

Rebecca (34 years old, from Ghentburg): “Rebecca is a sweet young lady who is a bit shy, but is really enjoying the trip. She wanted to join Down the Road to gain more self-confidence. She has a great desire for independence. Rebecca thrives on the trip and makes lifelong friends.”

Aniline (30 years old, from Lumin): “Anneline is the only one in the gang who lives completely independently. She lives in a care home in a residential care centre, in the same lane as her grandmother and grandfather. Anneline has followed an inclusive education and knows very clearly what she wants – but also what she doesn’t want, like a lot of “Cuddles. She’s single and looking for love.”

Everett (29, from Butte): “He goes on the journey to get to know himself better. For example, he takes with him a box to Canada in which he keeps bad and sad memories, his ‘sorrows’. The intention is to leave this box behind in Canada, as well as his sadness.”

Michael (30, from Neil): “Michael is a strong young man with a gingerbread heart. He’s been with his girlfriend for about a year. Michael lives in a shared housing project during the week, with three other boys. He has big dreams, like the butcher shop where he works and takes over. But becoming a DJ is also A dream for him.

Lorenz (34 years old, from Kortrijk): “He is a mischievous and very cheerful guy who speaks fluently. He is also the gang’s jester and often plays a prank on Dieter. Lorenz is a big animal lover and therefore immediately has a good relationship with the presenter. His love for animals “The animals came through watching a lot of National Geographic. During the trip, Lorenz took Dieter to discover squirrels and birds.”

Watch “Down the road” starting October 29 every Sunday at 8pm on VRT 1 or wherever you are via or the Pickx app.