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DPG Media won’t take 22-year-old Viva forum offline – IT Pro – News

The Viva Forum, which belongs to the magazine of the same name, will remain online. Viva’s community manager says the response to the shutdown has been “enormous” and that owner DPG Media has decided to “ensure the forum continues to exist”.

Originally, the forum was supposed to go offline on August 2 this year. The latest issue of the companion magazine will also be launched on July 20 this year. The history of the magazine dates back to 1972 and the forum was founded in 1999. Today the forum has 2.8 million users and countless topics. It was already the royal library Archiving has begun From the site while you still can.

The news of the Viva Forum closing was not seen as positive. Many see the site as a “cultural heritage” due to the many posts that have been posted over the years. For example, reactions can be found after the events of September 11 and the murders of Pim Fortuyn and Theo van Gogh, loyalty signs In an extensive story on the forum. The newspaper was one of the first to publish the news went out.

“Since Viva will end as a brand, we will work on finding the best way to do so in the coming period,” Community manager contact. Perhaps the forum will be renamed.

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