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Bitcoin (BTC) miners onder de wals Politie Maleisie kiest bijzondere aanpak illegale miners

Malaysian police choose special approach to illegal miners » Crypto Insiders

Police in Malaysia have more than a thousand Bitcoin (BTC) Miners adjust. Then what did he do with these valuable machines? Auction or abandonment? No, they got over it with a waltz!

News website Dayak Daily recently shared a YouTube video. At the police station in Miri, on the island of Borneo, a waltz can be seen crossing Bitcoin miners Drive them out and completely destroy them. The images will definitely be painful for companies and people who have the process of mining bitcoin themselves.

It belongs to 1069 mining excavators. These are special computers dedicated to mining cryptocurrency. They differ from regular computers in that they have a different type of processor on board. This processor is good at one task, data encryption and generation Hash keys. Perfect for cryptocurrency mining.

Miners were destroyed because they were involved in illegal mining practices. It is reported that many residents of Miri have illegally attempted to mine cryptocurrency with stolen electricity. As a result, the domestic energy supplier lost two million dollars.

The excavators dredged in the video are worth $1.2 million. So it is remarkable that the authorities in Malaysia have not tried to get anything out of it one way or the other. Bitcoin mining is still very popular and there will be plenty of people who would have given something for it! Miners are often confiscated by other countries, but they are never destroyed.

Thus, illegal mining is unfortunately more common. Recently, another Farm cabbage. The amazing thing about this farm is its presence Thousands of PlayStations 4 were mining.

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