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Dream vacation turns into nightmare: Tourists jump off boat in panic in Bahamas |  News

Dream vacation turns into nightmare: Tourists jump off boat in panic in Bahamas | News

A dream vacation in the Bahamas has turned into a nightmare for a group of tourists. During a trip to the private island of Blue Lagoon, their boat began to sink rapidly. Pictures show passengers jumping into the sea in panic. A 75-year-old woman died.

look. The boat is tilting and the passengers don’t know what to do

The boatload of tourists headed to the Blue Lagoon at around 10:30 a.m. local time on Tuesday, where travelers were expected to enjoy sunny beaches and clear turquoise waters. However, when they were almost on the spot, things went completely wrong. The boat suddenly began to lean sharply to one side.

“You could see the water getting into the boat,” said Kelly Chessel, who was on the boat. “Then a crew member came, all excited. He immediately put on a life jacket. Then everyone knew something was really going on. According to Schiesel, many crew members reacted to the incident hysterically. As a result, they were unable to tell the passengers what to do.” They have to do it.

Panic on the plane

Terrifying pictures show terrified tourists, wearing life jackets, sitting on one side of the boat. Later photos show them jumping into the water and calling for help from other boats nearby.

According to the local newspaper “Tribune”, a 75-year-old American woman was killed in this tragedy. Two others require hospital care. The rest escaped unharmed.

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