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Live floods.  Governor Decalloy: “It remains to be seen whether our measures will continue” |  Floods in West and East Flanders

Live floods. Governor Decalloy: “It remains to be seen whether our measures will continue” | Floods in West and East Flanders


The levees at Westhoek are holding up

Additional dams built by Dixmiud yesterday at Klein Drees, Hernsee and Blomoulens are holding. This morning the king will come to Dixmiud and Hotholst to see what the situation is at the site.

“As a precaution, we have asked residents of the neighborhoods closest to the IJzer in the center to park their cars above ground. We are also prohibiting activities in the Polderhalle, located in the Heernisse industrial area. The water is very high. One of the critical points currently is the area near Kasteelstraat and Bloemenmolenkaai, far from the city centre, because the IJzer river is almost bursting its banks there.” Mayor Lies Laredon.


What is the weather forecast for the coming months?

How the winter Will it look like? VTM Meteorologist David Dehenau I looked at various computer weather forecasts and came to the conclusion that this is possible next season Softer, wetter and windier than usual it will be. “This type of seasonal forecast still needs to be treated with caution, and sometimes with great caution,” the meteorologist warned.


Weather forecast: “Today you will see rain showers from west to east.”

It’s today first Very cloudy With a local opportunity Shaboura. Moreover, some fall Bathing. During the afternoon the weather will become drier from the west and clearer spells will appear.

the maximum fluctuate between 4 degrees in the Ardennes Heights and 10 degrees on the coast, RMI reports. Winds are weak to moderate from southwest to west.

Tonight It will remain dry with occasional broad periods of sunshine. Even before midnight, cloud cover increases again and in the second part of the night the next rain area reaches the west and then gradually moves inland. Local fog or fog. the The minimum is between 1 and 5 degrees. The winds are mainly southwesterly weak, decreasing towards the south and strengthening to moderate.

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tomorrow morning It arrives Fresh rain It descends quickly across the coast and then spreads across it All regions. In the afternoon, it will be a little drier in the west, although some rain is possible. the maximum It is reached in the evening and lying down 5 degrees in the highlands, 9 degrees in the middle, and 12 degrees in the sea. The winds will initially blow weak to moderate from the south, then intensify to moderate to very strong from the southwest in the afternoon.

RMI notes this as well Unfavorable conditions Regarding use Water heaters And from Stoves When heating rooms. It requires you to be very attentive symptoms like headache or Tendency to vomit Because it could be a result of a companyPoisoning.


Less rain than expected in Westhoek

In the Westhoek received less rain on Thursday than expected and predicted It used to be. The water level is still very high in several places. In two sub-municipalities Lu Renji And it was decided to Preventive to Evictions to start, but there was little willingness among residents to leave.

in West Flanders Heavy rain was again expected, especially along the French border, but less rain than expected. According to forecasts, the rainfall area declared on Thursday evening will ultimately bring less rain than expected. All emergency services will of course remain ready to operate or provide assistance if necessary.

After all, the water level is still very high. In certain places Houthulst, Le Renning, and Dexmid Is there No more margin. On the other hand, in KIM (Dexmid), Staveley (Alfringem), Di Vintili (Lu-Rinning), Rosprog (Bupringe) Yes and Gentle drop or stagnation in water level Established. also Winterdijk in Woumen (Diksmuide) continues to hold on.


look. Governor Decalloy: “It remains to be seen whether the measures will withstand the rain”


Prime Minister De Croo visits Winterdijk and the affected population

In response to the ongoing flooding, FrReimer Alexander De Croo (Open Vld) and Flemish Interior Minister Gwendoline Rotten (Open Vld) Thursday one Visit Brought to Westhawk. Some residents were encouraged.

Prime Minister De Croo and Minister Rutten went first to Winterdijk in Blancart. Due to heavy rains in recent days, the dam has come under increasing pressure. For this reason, the West Flanders Crisis Cell decided to preventively evacuate fifteen houses in Woman (Dixmued) and ten houses in Mercum (Hotholst). The dam is currently holding, although some water has passed over it locally.

In the wake of the ongoing flooding, Prime Minister Alexander De Croo (Open Vld) and Flemish Interior Minister Gwendoline Rotten (Open Vld) visited Westhoek. © Belga


KU Leuven hydrologist: “Other places in Flanders are also vulnerable to floods”

also Elsewhere in Flanders We are Many places are prone to flooding. This says Hydrologist Patrick Williams (University of KU Leuven). To better protect ourselves from floods, Natural storage of rivers more It must become.

The fact that Westhoek is currently experiencing so much flooding is more than exceptional, according to a hydrologist. “We have had significant amounts of rain there and in northern France,” he says. “But in Flanders there are many other flood-prone places that could experience inconvenience.”

the Westhawk At the same time it has a higher sensitivity to floods due to… Great vast plains that characterizes the region. There is also flow A lot of water comes down to the island from FranceA lot of water is drained underground for the agricultural activities that take place there. IJzer is located nearby dam It was in the past, which makes it Water is stored less quickly can become. “This combination of factors, coupled with heavy rainfall in a short period of time, is currently causing large amounts of water to appear in the area,” says the hydrologist.

To better protect ourselves from future floods, we must do this water UpstreamWhere does it start, Should be held more Become. The discharge process can therefore be slowed, causing it to move more slowly and develop to high levels less quickly. At the same time they will Dams reduced or removed It should be for Increase natural caching. “This is the most sustainable way to achieve sound water management,” says Willems.