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Dreamers are waiting, the crowded house carefully recreates itself ★★★

Crowded house

The tour with Fleetwood Mac – in which he won Lindsay Buckingham, which he removed in early 2018 – was canceled, so Neil Finn (63) revived his old band Crowded House at home in New Zealand.

The result is called Dreamers are waiting, The seventh album in total and written since 2010, on Lock. ‘My brain is approaching the edge’, Finn sings Playing with fire, Fortunately not becoming as old-fashioned as fellow Van Morrison.

Finn wanted to work with the crowd if the style-consistent pop band could change course a bit. It worked. ‘S fun new wave feeling Whatever you want The forerunner is reminiscent of split ns, so there are more colors and flavors.

With Neat’s sons Liam (37) and Elroy (32) as new band members, without scaring the fans and without a real fin hit, the crowd rediscovered itself when you were there. Do not dream it is over Ann Weather with you Always hope so.

Crowded house

Dreamers are waiting



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