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Towards the lifting of the ban on green and orange countries

Towards the lifting of the ban on green and orange countries

One of the topics discussed around the Minister of State for Tourism Jean-Baptiste Lemon at the Tourism Committee organized on Thursday, June 3, 2021 was Movement and Boundaries.

The extraordinary meeting was decided last night after a tripEmmanuel Macron at Saint-Cirque-la-Pope.

According to our information, the most practical document will be released in the next few hours மாடிக்னான் Retailer Green, Orange and Red Country List and Requirements: Tests, Vaccines and Related Causes Until June 9, 2021.

The long-awaited list is no big surprise. The European part, Australia, South Korea, Israel, Japan, New Zealand and Singapore make up the green countries where there is no prevalence of the virus or a worrying variant.

South Africa, Argentina, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Turkey and Uruguay.

Among the significant changes expected, Exit to Emirates and Qatar. Two more countries: Suriname and Bolivia should join the Red States.

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