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DuckDuckGo launches paid VPN service Privacy Pro

DuckDuckGo launches paid VPN service Privacy Pro

DuckDuckGo is launching a new 3-in-1 premium subscription service called “Privacy Pro.”

Privacy Pro is a combination of a Wireguard-based “virtual private network” (VPN) with a personal data deletion service and a solution for victims of identity theft. With the Privacy Pro offering, DuckDuckGo is venturing into the paid service for the first time.

DuckDuckGo started in 2008 as an internet search engine with a focus on protecting people's privacy, preventing online tracking, and breaking “bubbles” that bring you personalized results. As DuckDuckGo slowly increased in popularity, the team behind the project launched other privacy-focused projects, including its own web browser, add-ons, email forwarding services, and mobile apps.

Strict “no logs” policy

The company says it follows a strict no-logs policy and does not store any data that could link users to their online activities. Privacy Pro costs $10 per month and can be integrated into desktop and laptop computers as well as smartphones. An account is not necessary. Users are assigned a random identifier to separate their identity from the VPN service. Payment and subscription are processed through third-party platforms such as Stripe, Google Play, and the Apple App Store.

Note: DuckDuckGo is launching just as Google discontinued its VPN offerings. Remarkable, at least in the actual offering, is the service of preventing identity theft and “recovering” it if it happens anyway. Consider eliminating fraudulent cash transactions, but also help apply for a new passport or driver's license. Maybe it's because of this job Privacy Pro Currently only available in the United States. It is not yet known whether the service will also reach Belgium or other European countries.

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