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This is when we can expect the third part of Final Fantasy 7 Remake

This is when we can expect the third part of Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is only a few months old, but it looks like the release year has already been set for the third and final part of the remake trilogy.
This Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Ultimania guide will be released later this month User Opens a book on the third part:

''The main story of the third part of FF7 Remake has already ended [regisseur Tetsuya] Nomura believes they may start audio recording in the near future. [Producer] Kitase says that FF7 Rebirth was actually completed in three years, with about a year spent developing the DLC, and he hopes they can stick to that timeline for part three as well.

Development of Final Fantasy 7 Part 3 has already begun

Nomura had already given up X I know we have already started working on the third part. If the game is ready in three years, this means we can expect the third part in 2027. This year also marks the 30th anniversary of the original Final Fantasy 7.

In her tweet, @aitakimochi also shared that Kitase shared an idea with Nomura that would be “very important” to include in the game, even though it wasn't in the original game. “He thinks people will definitely be happy if they do it well.”

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth received an 8.8 rating in our review. Luuc wrote: “Although Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth's story is a bit slow, it's undeniably worth playing more.” With a more in-depth combat system that improves the interaction between Cloud and the rest of the party in several ways, defeating various bosses (and enemies via optional quests) feels better than it did in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. There's also plenty of room for extras, as the open world is full of valuable side quests and extras to research. The fact that it provides further connections between Cloud and his friends is just the icing on the cake, although we would have liked to have been able to track the development of these relationships more easily.