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Duke promises the Corn Boys three years

November Coach News

Marco Groeneveld will leave Sint-Willebrod next summer at Rood-Wit W. Goss’s coach has since served three seasons for Brabant First Division. In his home province, Groeneveld previously served on Arnemuiden, SSV’65 in Goes and Bruse Boys in Bruinisse.

Seroskerk has found a new coach for next season. Cees Houtepen returns after leaving the club in 2017. Houtben will replace Evert Wissey, who took over from Wesley Wieser at the start of the season.

Bevelanders is going to say goodbye to Ralph Zegers. The third division team and coach have decided in good advice that they will leave at the end of this season.

Goes’ SSV’65 can look for a new coach because coach Pim Bruins has mentioned that he is ready for a new challenge.

Niek van den Houten will leave the fourth division team Colijnsplaatse Boys at the end of the season. Cossin coached the club for five seasons.

SKNWK coach Nieuwerkerk has extended his contract with Johnny van Dijk. Van Dijk is with the club in his first season, finishing second in the 4th Division P.

On Saturday, fourth division squad Krunningen extended their contract with Coach Marvin Powell for two seasons. Krunningen is ranked No. 4 in Class 4 and has won almost the first Period title.

After this season, John Carrolls will stop coaching Achilles Wein. Carrels, who hails from Wemelding, has served three seasons at the Brabant Club.

Alexander van Keulen from Kloetinge is looking for a new club next summer. Four seasons later, he will leave Second Division Jersek on Saturday.

Rohan de Cues and the Dowland division after this season. De Cues is in his fourth season in the third division and has told the club board he is ready for a new challenge.

Browsershaven and Danny Sandowell will split at the end of the season. Sandowell was the coach of the Saturday Fourth Division team for four years. Brouwershaven invites coaches to apply for the position of head coach.

Michel Leonhart will coach De Meuwen next season. Axel’s coach leaves Zutelande for his second year with the second division team on Saturday.

Don Eichenhout will be retiring as Arnhemutton coach after this season. De Middleburger is in his second season with the second division. Zhang Amban finds a successor to Peter Tahidu, who separated from Isaac Rehata.

Cheese Houtpen and RCS will split at the end of the season. Houtepen is currently in his third season as coach of the Oost-Souburg club.

Roger Weinstra will leave ASWH at the end of the season. The coach from Middelburg needed a new challenge and told the Tweede Divisie Club. Weinstra is in his third year with the Hendrik-Edo-Amobt team.

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