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Hundreds of kilos of carbide are thrown into the air somewhere in Geeland. But where? | Zeeland News

pollVLISSINGEN – Carbide as an alternative to crackers. At Hobo in the cabal, explosives are flying over the counter these days. “50 to 100 kg a week,” says Ivor van Morris. This year you are only allowed to buy five kilograms at a time, oh: “People will come back a few times.”

Another 20kg, then it was over, says Adrian Langebeeke of Nieuw Arendsrust in Vrouwenpolder, who has been selling fireworks for 25 years. He has sold for 180 kg and has no intention of storing it anymore. “People buy more of it online. For example, on ”

Those milk cans that deliver that thin, loud noise are becoming rare. Ivar van Maris van de Hubo in Kapelle searches the internet for good models all year round. I.e., with a solid base that does not rust.


Carbide firing is a wonderful tradition

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