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Duncan Lawrence Vlissingen For Liberation Ceremony, Part of the Stages Moves to Sheltequardier |  Seeland

Duncan Lawrence Vlissingen For Liberation Ceremony, Part of the Stages Moves to Sheltequardier | Seeland

UpdateVLISSINGEN – Song Festival winner Duncan Lawrence will perform during the May 5 release ceremony in Vlissingen.

The structure and layout of the Liberation Festival Zeeland 2022 have been given a new look. Various factors have confirmed that part of the event, including Freedom Square, the main stage and the Liberty dance floor, will move to Sheltequardier this year.

Several stages, such as the Roosevelt Stage and the Geeland Stage, return to Ot Marg and Bellamy Park. Substantial activities extend from the Shelter Quarter to the shopping area. The Liberation Festival Zeeland traditionally opens at 11 a.m. with a lecture by HM van Randwijk in St. Jacobs. Duncan Lawrence enters the main stage at 7:15 p.m. The full program will be announced soon at

With the public again after two years

A total of fourteen liberation ceremonies in the country may continue with the public after two alternative editions this year. The festivals offer more than three hundred performances and various performances with important activities on the day of liberation. In addition to the performances of ambassadors of independence, the festivals focus more on the current developments in Ukraine.

In addition to two hundred different musical performances, there are more than a hundred major performances. Various educational institutions are involved in these important projects. This is financially feasible through major sponsor vfonds. Independent lectures are held at all ceremonies and free meals are organized. In total, the festivals attract more than 1 million spectators each year.

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Due to the current rise in prices, the festive season has been affected. Croningen will begin this year with the pilot of fourteen festivals where entry fees will be charged. This is supported by other festivals. Organizing a low gate festival is the starting point for liberation ceremonies.