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Duncan Lawrence’s new milestone: ‘Arcade’ reaches gold in US |  Music

Duncan Lawrence’s new milestone: ‘Arcade’ reaches gold in US | Music

MusicA performance on ‘The Today Show’ with Ellen DeGeneres and on the Billboard Top 100. 2021 can no longer be wrong for Duncan Lawrence (27), but it doesn’t stop here. Duncan has now reached gold in the United States with his song ‘Arcade’. We don’t have to tell you that the Dutch Eurovision winner is above the moon.

“Gold in the United States. Gold … in … USA !!!! ”, Says Duncan Lawrence in large letters on his Instagram account. His song ‘Arcade’, which has won the Eurovision Song Contest in the past, peaked at number 100 on the Billboard Hot 100 in mid-April. But soon his song began to do better and better, meanwhile ‘Arcade’ has reached gold in the United States as well.

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The fact that his song was included on the American hit list was a milestone for the singer. This is the first time for Duncan Lawrence, and many Dutch artists have not done it before. In the past, some famous DJs, mainly from the Netherlands, have been able to gain a place in the well-known hit parade. Think of names like Martin Garrix, Tysto and Afrojack.

The Eurovision winner has recently been credited with his success in the United States on shows such as ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ and ‘The Today Show’, but in fact Dictok is largely responsible for its success in the United States. There, ‘Harry Potter’ fans revived Duncan’s hit ‘Arcade’. In recent months they have been making videos in which you can hear his number.

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