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According to valve boss Cape Newell, steam games may come to consoles

During a chat session at Sanka Maria College In New Zealand, a student asked President Valve if steam games ever came to the console. Cape Newell, for example, hesitated for a moment, saying he would finally get a better idea of ​​it later this year.

Which steam games come to the console?

While this is a speculation, this answer implies that you can expect a variety of Steam games, for example PlayStation or Xbox soon enough.

After Cape Newell answered the question, several rumors spread. For example, Newell’s response may indicate that Steam is coming to the console as an online store, or that only games from Valve are coming to the sites. Since Sony and Microsoft already offer separate online stores, the chances of steam coming to consoles like the Xbox and PlayStation are slim.

Valve has already released a number of games on the console, such as Portal and The Orange Box. At the moment the valve is busy with new titles, which may now be released on the console as well. The new titles that Valve will release are yet to be announced. Wolverine VR Game Half-Life: Many now believe that Alex will be released for the PSVR for the PlayStation 5.

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