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Dutch and American tourists can stay in Curacao for a long time without paperwork

Tourists with Dutch and US citizenship can stay longer in Curaக்கோao without paperwork. They have to submit a request only after a period of six months By law Report.

But usually someone who wants to stay longer as a tourist wants to work, and then the Van Recktzwage report is necessary anyway. He does not have to register as a resident of Curaao. So you can work legally without registering in Curacao.

As a Dutchman or an American, once the application for legal declaration has been submitted you have the advantage over other foreigners who may already be on the island. You too can start working.

Other national species

People from the European Union, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. Can stay 90 days a year without additional documentation. They have to submit a request Short stay.

All other nationals – whether they need a visa or not – are allowed to stay for thirty days. If someone wants to stay longer, they have to submit a request to extend the tourist accommodation.

Tourist accommodation costs 525 guilders.

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