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Team Jumbo-Wisma 2022 | WielerFlits

@ A. Vesti
Ten Rules of Jumbo Fishing

1. We dare!
We have dreams, we are ambitious. To make our dreams come true, we are on the path to success. We think of Dare Lef possibilities and opportunities!

2. Familiarity and friendship are important to us.
We try to get to know each other and get to know each other’s home environment. We make sure everyone is involved in the conversation. Mutual trust, honesty and caring are the basis of familiarity and friendship. In a company with real connection, we operate higher than ourselves and happily.

3. We are a smart and progressive team.
We are not easily satisfied. We strive for excellence, excellence and speed in an intelligent and innovative way

4. We get the most out of ourselves every day!
Cooperation is important to us, we see each other’s strengths and appreciate each other. It requires a complete commitment and dedication to pursue the best. We make each other better!

5 We are open inside. And we are open to the outside. But with closed rows.
We talk to each other, not about each other. Our team is a safe environment where you can say what you want. Externally, we protect our co-workers. We are a unit

6. We want to get involved and we want to get involved.
We feel involved with this group, which is why we want to get involved. It is important for us to give and take responsibility. Everyone knows his role. Status, contact and requested contact.

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7. With us, an appointment is an appointment.
If we agree to something, we will abide by it.Time is time, contract is contract.

8. We are direct. But not rude!
Everyone is responsible for their actions and decisions. We evaluate honestly, talk to each other and give feedback on content with respect to each other.

9. We are proud of our team and our character.
We are proud of our team, our colleagues, our work ethic and our achievements. You can find it in us and you will hear it from us. We want to tell our story to the fans and those who follow us

10. This is ours. These are our contracts.
We have come to these agreements with the whole team. This is where we hold each other.
If you want to join our team, you do it this way