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Dutch evacuate கா 35 expelled from Kabul airport

Outgoing Foreign Minister Gock said on Twitter that the first Dutch people leave Kabul on two departure flights to the Netherlands. This does not mean that the people of the Netherlands were on a plane rented by the Netherlands or that they were taken away by others. “We are working hard with our partners on new flights to facilitate future departures,” he wrote.

Coincidentally, the Dutch embassy staff had already been expelled; They will be replaced by another team, which left the Netherlands yesterday.

It is not clear how many Dutch people left with the two planes mentioned by Gock. France says there were four Dutch people on a French flight from Kabul to Abu Dhabi.


Cock told ANP News that he was “very relieved.” “But this is only a first step. Many more people need to be evicted.” She would not say how much. writes, not everyone can go to the airport. Three families in Dutch Afghanistan are embroiled in chaos around the airport. There was also shooting. Then they returned to the city. Earlier today, they received a call from the Dutch government to go to the airport.

An attempt to take the Dutch on a flight sent by the Netherlands yesterday failed. The Dutch ambassador arrives in Kabul today. Gock hopes the Dutch can prevent another chance of exit from being missed.