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Dutch footballers lose depreciation after US penalties

The Lions seemed to be lagging behind when Tobin Heath was able to score free in the tenth minute, but the goal was not allowed due to the offside.

The United States had a great game in the opening stages. Elsewhere, however, the Netherlands took the lead. Vivian Maidema, former player of SC Heeranween, got the ball in the penalty area and was able to score well from the spin.


Within half an hour of the clock, the United States was also able to turn dominance on the field into goals. In the 28th minute, Samantha Mavis crossed the ball through goalkeeper Sari van Vinend.

Three minutes later, the Netherlands were unable to get the ball out of the box, after which the ball ended up at the feet of Lynn Williams. She immediately punished it with a corner shot: 2-1.

Half chance is enough

In the second half, the Netherlands had to chase, but it was not immediately apparent from the game. However, soon it turned out that way. Maidema, playing in his 100th international, opened the scoring in the 54th minute.

With that, Orange’s highest scorer put his Olympic total at ten goals, which was again equal in Yokohama. Maiden was the first woman to score ten or more goals in the Olympics.

Martens misses an opportunity

With ten minutes to play, the Netherlands had a chance to advance to the semifinals when Lineth Bernstein was knocked down in the penalty area. However, Like Martens fired the next penalty so badly that it was diverted by the American goalkeeper.

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With a real final attack, the Orange team tried to take the win at the usual time, but did not succeed. In the Japanese heat the women still had to stick to it for half an hour.

Not recognized

Martens scored in extra time after a major error by the United States goalkeeper, but that goal was eventually disallowed due to offline. The mitochondria were close to the right head after a few minutes. However, the goalkeeper was sharp.

In the second half of extra time, the USA saw a winning goal twice offside, so players’ extra time was often too slow to wait for VAR’s results. No more goals.


Maidema was the one who failed to score in the decisive penalty. The striker missed the first Dutch penalty and as a result, Orange was immediately behind the facts. Megan Robino finally finished hard and Aneek Noven missed his penalty.

With this, the Lions suffered a new American shock after the 2019 World Cup final.

The enemy of the United States in the semifinals is already known: Canada. The match is scheduled for 10 a.m. next Monday.