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Vivi Clothing is ready for the season with new artificial grass

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An artificial grass pitch can always be played until frozen. Unlike natural grass goats, even with a lot of rain. “The old field was bad. A field like this is often cleared in bad weather. We are an association that is active from early morning until evening. Now we always have a good field available.”

Artificial grass and lighting are best

In addition to the artificial grass, the football club also has lights on the main field. “Without that lamp, it would have been half the solution. It’s great. We can train more often now, for example, even play on Friday evenings,” the leader says.

A new pitch fits in with the ambition of the Clotting Football Club. Through the first division on Saturday, they want to get promoted to the main division. “We can no longer blame the bad domain,” de Bruyne laughs. “I hope the first year we play in it will lead to a seriously desired promotion.”

When can it be played?

Clotting’s District Cup tournament starts at home in the first game next Saturday. It is not yet clear whether he will be able to play on the field. “It looks green, but it still needs to be filled with sand and cork. I do not want to put any pressure on it.

If the field was not ready yet, VV Kloetinge agreed to switch domestic and foreign games with the opponent. So the first team’s first home game is played at the new stadium. “Let the season begin. We are (almost) ready.”

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