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Dutch hockey machine running at full speed against Chile: 7-0

Dutch hockey machine running at full speed against Chile: 7-0

The Dutch juniors qualified for the quarter-finals of the World Cup-21 in Santiago on Saturday evening. The Netherlands won the tournament by defeating the hosts Chile 7-0. The reigning world champion now has three days off in a row. On Wednesday, the Dutch juniors will play in the quarter-finals against the winner of Spain-South Korea scheduled for Sunday evening.

Finally, the Netherlands scored some beautiful team goals in a row. 1-0 of Zip Dick. Elaine Johnson’s 3-0. Mette Winters 5-0. The Netherlands Juniors have started winning this World Cup.

The highlight was a 4-0 win over Trijntje Beljaars in the second quarter. The Netherlands started building backwards. The ball from the defense came through midfield to Zip Dick. He played Beljars. And then it happened. Beljars lofted the ball over Chile goalkeeper Montserrat Araya. A wonderful destination.

Zip Dick scored early in the match to make it 1-0. Photo: WorldSportPics/Frank Uijlenbroek

Scoring from flowing attacks has not been successful in the last two World Cups. Against South Africa (6-0 win) there was a good partnership between Zip Dyck and Trijntje Beljars. Against Australia (2-2), Mette Winter served teammate Gusje Moss after a dribble from Lille De Nooyger. But the other six goals were scored from penalty corners. The Dutch juniors showed how smoothly they can pass the ball from stick to stick in last week’s practice match against New Zealand (a 10-0 win).

On Saturday evening, the Dutch juniors had a dream against Chile in front of 1,200 spectators. The Netherlands needed a draw to qualify for the quarter-finals. But after the first quarter Dave Smolenaars team was able to play free hockey. Then it was already 3-0.

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In the fifth minute, a passing move hit midfielder Lily de Nooyger on the edge of the circle, immediately bringing attacker Zip Dick into position. Dick immediately made a disastrous score: 1-0. His fifteenth goal at the Youth World Cup, including thirteen goals in South Africa in 2022. Only Wiedzke de Ruyter has scored more World Cup goals for the Dutch juniors. He scored 19 runs in the first Youth World Cup in 1989.

Then Mickey Roberts scored the second Dutch penalty corner on the stick side of Chilean goalkeeper Montserrat Araya: 2-0. The Netherlands struck again after second-half goalkeeper Bobbet Bakers, who was under the bar in the first half, put the ball out for a corner with his left foot. Elaine Johnson made it 3-0 after a good strike, through the legs of the keeper. Then only nine minutes were played.

Mickey Roberts put the Netherlands 2-0 up. Photo: WorldSportPics/Frank Uijlenbroek

The Netherlands is not slowing down. Mette Winter hit the post in the second quarter. In the 26th minute, Drijndje Beljars made it 4-0 with a beautiful lob. Chile took a penalty corner for the first time before half-time, after which it hit the post from the rebound.

After the break, the Dutch juniors delivered another brilliant attack from which the score was 5-0. Again the attack began in the far rear. After several flowing combinations, Danje de Cruyff sent the ball on the edge of the circle. The ball is intercepted by Isis van Loon. In line, Mette Winter gave the final push in the air: 5-0.

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6-0 in the last quarter was also a goal to remember. Beljaars was the end point of a beautiful combination between Mette Winter and Lotte Beetsma. In the end, Noor van den Nieuwenhof scored a penalty goal in the last minute: 7-0.

At some point it became clear that much more needed to be designed and planned. The Netherlands could not always maintain a high ball speed. Admittedly coming on after the break, Sophie der Quill also had to make a save. This shows that there is still a lot of room for improvement. But a 7-0 thrashing of Chile proved the Dutch juniors are on the right track.