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Dutch ID Channel – Following US, UK and Netherlands, New Zealand accuses China of spying

Both the UK and the US last week accused China of waging a cyber campaign against their countries that has spanned more than a decade. Western government officials, journalists, organizations and pro-democracy activists have reportedly been targeted. However, consider also the British Electoral Commission. Four British members of parliament – who are critical of China – are also said to have been targeted in a Chinese cyber attack.

There are also allegations from the Netherlands; For example, in Beijing last week, Prime Minister Mark Rutte discussed with Chinese President Xi Jinping the latest spying incident, for which the Netherlands blames the Chinese government.


Now New Zealand Defense Minister Collins is accusing the Chinese government of cyber espionage. Associated Press. For example, links were allegedly found between a company linked to China and malicious cyber activities targeting the New Zealand government. Collins says the use of intelligence to influence democratic institutions and processes is unacceptable.

The intelligence came to light in 2021 following an investigation into cyber intrusions into the Office of the Parliamentary Counsel and the Parliamentary Service. A group of Chinese state hackers known as 'APT40' is responsible for the intrusion.

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