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It can’t be more local! This is how you make groceries from a farmer in The Hague

No apples from New Zealand, but if they come from South Holland, that is the main value Legal Trex Indicates. You do your shopping directly from the farmers and then pick up new produce at the local pick-up point. The attempt is such a success that more collection points are being opened in the hack. They now have a real hack limit too!

Rectstreaks Hawklandon is growing fast: more and more people are choosing fresh, local and honest groceries. Two new collection points were opened in Pinkhorst and Vokalviz in May, and Rustenburg and Mirenbos will open in June. This brings the total to fourteen. “There’s still a lot to do,” says starter Morton Bhutan.

Delicious regional products

How do Rectstreaks work? Super easy! Order your groceries online and pick them up from the district chef Close to you, close to you, close to you. Everything from vegetables, meat and milk to ready-made packages are available. Range varies: ‘normal’, organic, biodynamic, EKO and non-spray.

You can order freely or choose a subscription. This way you not only get tasty regional products (maximum 50km from the hawk), but also help create a shorter, more local and social food chain. No food waste, reasonably priced for everyone.

The rapid growth of the Rectstreaks was due to the April 23 crowd campaign. The maximum target, 000 100,000 was reached in half a day. Morton: “It’s great to see what a solid community is that supports us in this way. It gives us a lot of feeling and confidence to delight many in the hack with local favorites. ”

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Read more below the photo

Mariska, the district chef of the collection space in Weimarst. Photo: Rectstreaks


Those latest local favorites are not the least. Roast Factory (Coffee Roasted House), Bluecurry Framplege (Fruit!), Stolwidges (Free-Distance Egg) and De Olmenhorst (Apple and Pear) take part in the Rectstreams. Cheese Farm Captain and liquor companies Komban, Eber and de Braille are also involved. You can also continue to order Hawks Swamp (oyster mushrooms grown in the coffee grounds), Lecker Pruit and Vigna (bean sprouts).

To order

You can also order the most delicious spring vegetables at Rectstreaks. Photo: Rectstreaks

Via the RectStreaks website You can easily order your groceries. After two days you can pick it up or deliver it at a pick-up point.