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Dutch IT channel – DoubleYou strengthens security for Apple devices

At DoubleYou, we strive to develop world-class defense capabilities to combat the latest threats against Apple devices. But instead of deploying it ourselves, we want to empower others who are building security products.

With this vision of democratizing security in mind, our capabilities have been carefully developed to integrate seamlessly with other security products, enhancing their detection capabilities and extending the protection they offer.

About the founders:

Patrick Wardle and Mikhail Sosonkin are long-time friends, and have each worked in cybersecurity for over twenty years. Together, their combined experience provides the vision and knowledge to build the next generation of detection capabilities for macOS and iOS.

CEO Patrick Wardle

Patrick Wardle is CEO and co-founder of DoubleYou, founder of the non-profit Objective-See Foundation, and author of the “The Art of Mac Malware” book series. Having worked at NASA and the NSA and presented at countless security conferences, he’s well-versed in talking aliens, spies, and nerds. Passionate about macOS security, Patrick spends his days discovering Apple 0days, studying macOS malware, and releasing free open source security tools to protect Mac users.

CTO Mikhail Sosonkin

Mikhail Sosonkin is CTO and co-founder of DoubleYou. An Oxford-educated software engineer and reverse engineer, Mikhail has a wide range of technological interests that he uses to fulfill his passion: keeping good people safe in cyberspace. A former Apple researcher, he has defended iPhone users against some of the most powerful opponents. Michael shares his expertise through presentations at conferences and as an assistant professor at NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering.

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