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Dutch PM calls misconduct on The Voice 'unacceptable and inappropriate'

Dutch PM calls misconduct on The Voice ‘unacceptable and inappropriate’

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte responded, on Tuesday, to the violations that occurred on the television program “Voice of the Netherlands”. Rutte described the transgressive sexual behavior behind the scenes of the show as “unacceptable and inappropriate”. Meanwhile, more and more victims are coming out.

Rutte said he was not fully aware of the facts, but would have been “extremely shocked” by the “signals” that had emerged. The Prime Minister referred to the role of the investigation, which was opened in the meantime. If this shows that criminal offenses have been committed, a report can be prepared and the Public Prosecution Office can file the case.

Misbehavior appeared after broadcast BOOS, a program for broadcaster and journalist Tim Hoffman. The report won’t be available online until Thursday, but one of the participants, conductor, Jeroen Ritterbergen, has already I confess Sexual contact with the women participating in the program. Against coach Ali B Ho File a complaintBut he denied any involvement.

On Monday, Dutch Minister of Justice Dylan Dylan Yeseljus Zegerius and Minister of State for Culture and Information Jonai Oslo called on all victims to report the crime. “Sexual behavior is not acceptable,” Oslo said. “There’s really no tolerance for me here.” ITV, the show’s producer, is also asking all victims to come forward.


On Monday evening, two victims testified on the talk show lover On the aggressive behavior of band leader Jeroen Rietbergen. Nienke Wijnhoven, who finished third on the show in 2018, said Rietbergen first wanted to build a squad, then cross the line multiple times. “There was a case where he said there were all the studios upstairs and I could see it.” When they were upstairs, Wiggenhoven said on RTL that he “started to feel”.

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She says she initially felt guilty and therefore did not take any steps against Rittbergen. In addition, Wijnhoven was also very insecure due to the extended contract that the participants had to sign.

This is in line with the experience of Kirsten Berckx, who ranked eighth in 2017. As a musician it has been a pleasure working with him. Until he once made a bad remark to me, I had no strange feeling.


Holland sound It was temporarily closed after allegations of sexual misconduct. The version for children and the elderly has also been discontinued. Because of the allegations, many sponsors, such as Lidl and T-Mobile, have pulled out. As Isla Bastille writes, Renault has ended the collaboration in the meantime telegraph.