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Kylie Jenner's Stalker Gets Call Banned |  celebrities

Kylie Jenner’s Stalker Gets Call Banned | celebrities

celebritiesKylie Jenner (24 years old) regularly receives unwanted visitors. The man who repeatedly molested her was no longer allowed to approach her. A judge has now imposed a permanent ban on contacting the stalker, TMZ reports.

The man in question, Jrue Mesgan, was already known to Jenner. Last year he actually got a temporary call ban because he stopped at the reality star’s house for several months. At the end of last year, he took another chance and rang the doorbell again at Jenner’s villa in Beverly Hills. Not his strongest plan because then the police arrested him.

The guy with the restraining order isn’t Kylie’s only unwanted visitor. Last December, another man climbed the fence with a large bunch of flowers to paint on Jenner. This also turned out to be an error. Not because Jenner said no to the suggestion, but because the guy had climbed the wrong fence and was standing in the neighbor’s yard. The man was then arrested there.

Also in June 2021, a man was arrested for trying to express his love for Jenner. According to TMZ, he was “known” for her security, but in the past he would always cooperate when asked to leave the building. This time he didn’t and just wanted to leave after seeing Kylie. Unfortunately for him, the star was not at home at the time. Out of his anger, he attacked the security personnel and was subsequently arrested.

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