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Dutch Princess Laurentien and daughter Eloise appear in YouTube series: 'It was a wonderful adventure' |  Property

Dutch Princess Laurentien and daughter Eloise appear in YouTube series: ‘It was a wonderful adventure’ | Property

PropertyEloise van Oranje (19 years old) participated in the sixth season of the popular YouTube series “The Hunting Season” on Dutch channel StukTV. The Countess received help from her mother, Princess Laurentian. This can be seen in the episode that aired online this weekend.

In “The Hunting Season”, the famous Dutchman plays a fugitive criminal and must try to stay out of the hands of the StukTV men for four hours. Eloise began her journey at the fort near Spijkerboor and was able to reach her parents via various lifts in The Hague. It is clear that they sympathized with their daughter. Prince Constantine immediately asked Eloise how far she had come and discussed tactics with Eloise. “I would have gone quietly this way, they should go as deep as possible into The Hague. He told her, ‘It drove them crazy, didn’t it?'” He told her.

Eloise, 19, the youngest ever candidate on “The Hunting Season,” got into the car with Princess Laurentien. She said that she is a “big fan of StukTV” thanks to her children. “So I don’t think there is anything nicer than making these guys crazy.”


Laurentien arranged a boat for Eloise and later was immediately able to buy some time by driving slowly in front of the StukTV men’s car. It was ultimately in vain: Eloise was captured after a two hour and 39 minute flight attempt. “They caught me, unfortunately. But it was a very interesting adventure and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

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In September, another additional was injured while filming “Hunting Season”. In that episode, Dutch DJ Martin Garrix (25) appeared. In consultation with the additional family, it was decided to continue broadcasting.

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