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William and Kate no longer invite BBC to Christmas party: 'This is just the tip of the iceberg' |  Property

William and Kate no longer invite BBC to Christmas party: ‘This is just the tip of the iceberg’ | Property

PropertyThings are not looking good for the collaboration between the state broadcaster BBC and the local royal family. After the BBC broadcast the controversial documentary “Princes and the Press”, about the feud between Princes William and Harry, members of the royal family refused to cooperate with the channel in the future. William, 39, and his wife Kate, 39, immediately put their money where they are, and don’t invite the BBC to their annual Christmas party.

Happy parties, but not for the BBC: Exceptionally they weren’t invited to Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Christmas Carol party. Held annually in Westminster Abbey to kick off the holiday season and raise money for charity, the entire event is broadcast, of course, on national television. This honor usually goes to the BBC, but this year William decided to invite ITV.

The calculated move comes after the BBC aired the first part of a hot documentary about the royal family earlier this week: “Princes and the Press”. It tells about the current controversy taking place within the walls of Buckingham Palace, and the role the press has played in it. More specifically, they focus on Megxit, but it is remarkable that William – not Harry or his wife Megan – is particularly responsible. This is while the royal family had no right to an answer. Members of the royal family usually remain silent about such controversial events, but this time they issued an extraordinary statement: “These are misleading, apparently unfounded allegations.”

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An insider told the Daily Mail: ‘Everything is already arranged: the party will be broadcast on BBC1 like every year. But it was changed at the last minute during this week because William and Kate are arguing with the station. Because of this documentary, of course. From the documentary that hasn’t aired yet, I think things are only going to get worse between them and the BBC in the near future, which is why ITV can take over.”

Tip of the iceberg

Soon after the broadcast, it was rumored that the Queen, heir apparent Prince Charles and Prince William were outraged by the BBC, a channel that traditionally holds the first royal family on a silver platter. This is now over, according to experts. “The royals are planning to boycott the canal,” said royal writer Angela Levine. “They feel hurt in their honor because they weren’t allowed to let anyone speak in the documentary. He was clearly anti-William and Harry.”

Watcher of Kings Richard Kay follows her in on this. “The fact that William and Kate are now choosing to bring ITV to their Christmas party is just the tip of the iceberg. I don’t think the station should expect to get anything from the royals for the first time. They are totally entitled to stop working with them, and as far as I’ve heard from Insiders, that’s the plan.”

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