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Dutch spacecraft builds successful series of test aircraft | Video

Dutch-New Zealand space agency Don Aerospace recently conducted five consecutive test flights in New Zealand.

Dawn space Is developing a reusable spacecraft. The plane takes off and lands horizontally, which means it can use standard airports in many places around the world. Once in the air, the Aurora must reach altitudes of 100 kilometers and above before landing again for reuse. The Mk-II is a test aircraft and the Mk-III is a success. Aurora MK-III satellites can orbit up to 250 kilograms.

Aurora Mk-II

From Lake Glandner Aerodrome on New Zealand’s South Island in Lake Bukaki, Turquoise Lake, the company conducted five test flights in three days. During flights, altitudes can reach up to 3400 feet. In addition to the demonstrative purpose of the Mk-II, the aircraft will be used for further scientific research in the atmosphere.

“Dawn Space focuses on stable and scalable access to space, which is why our Mk-II spacecraft is fully reusable.” Says Stephen Powell, CEO. “The test aircraft have provided a lot of data to help further develop the vehicle. We are proud of the technical team that made it possible for the first planes of this test flight to go so smoothly.

During the first test flights, normal jet engines were fitted to the test aircraft, but these will be replaced by reusable rocket engines in the future. Below are the first pictures of the test flight and photos of the Aurora Mk-II: