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Pokemon Go announces changes following social complaints

Pokemon Go developer Niantic has announced that they will make some changes after the community complained that the epidemic fix was being withdrawn.

Earlier, Niantic had said it would keep the PokeStops and Gyms limit at 80 meters instead of 40 meters, and now says the company will release it worldwide instead of the seasonal bonus region. In addition, they say the developer wants to stay in touch with the community through diaries and conversations with community leaders.

Beginning in October, Niantic will launch a monthly developer diary outlining the company’s plans, upcoming events and priorities. Also, they will update the website with the most popular bugs so that players can find it quickly.

After disappointing fans in the PokeStops and Gyms range, Niantic spoke with 30 community members from around the world. The developer says they want to continue these conversations.

In Niantic’s statement, executive producer Steve Wang said: “We have not handled bad communication about the Boxstop and Jim interaction radius properly, which is a good learning path to better interact with our players in the future.”

Although boxstops and gyms stay at 80 yards, Wang still hopes people will go out into the world to play. “We still believe it is important for players to go to interesting places in the real world and we don’t want to see that,” he said. “The team and I are interested in developing new ways to motivate and reward players to explore the real world. As a result of the new initiative, we have new ideas to look forward to in the coming months.”

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In addition, the developer says the experience they gained by creating separate systems for New Zealand ensured that they no longer create rules for one country, but always implement global changes. It starts with the Season of Mischief, so all bonuses are released worldwide and are directly linked to this season.