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Dutchman detained in US for 37 years: ‘Take me back’

In 1986, Singh was sentenced to 56 years in prison for killing his wife and daughter. But the process was hectic. For example, it was later revealed that the Crown Witness had been bribed by the government. Singh has always denied his involvement.

According to Imam Khan, there is no point in apologizing. Instead, he insists that Singh must initiate a VOTES procedure (law for enforcing criminal convictions) for transfer to the Netherlands.

Last year, it was passed by a majority of the House of Representatives A movement In it Singh asked the government to make every effort to come to the Netherlands.

‘Not enough relations with the Netherlands’

The public prosecutor argued today that the Suriname-born Singh did not have “sufficient relations” with the Netherlands to recover. He is said to have lived in the Netherlands and the United States for thirteen years. Singh’s lawyers allege that he had a Dutch passport and that Suriname was part of the Dutch kingdom during his youth.

“I was born Dutch. I always speak Dutch and even think in Dutch,” Singh said in an audio message.

The court will rule on May 17.

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