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Dwayne Johnson Watch Black Adam: Nice, but I'm Not Satisfied Yet

Dwayne Johnson Watch Black Adam: Nice, but I’m Not Satisfied Yet

Director Jaume Colette Serra (jungle tripHe has a first draft of his DC movie black Adam vehicle. essential role Dwayne Johnson He saw it “cut” and shares his first impressions of Collider.

I think we are in good shape. We take our time, but of course we have to keep working a little more efficiently, because we have to finish the movie before summerrock starts.

Johnson is pleased with Colette Serra’s work so far. “Jaume has put together a great edited version for the first time. This is the kind of movie that can become something really unique right from the startHe explains.

However, he says, there is still much work to be done. “I’m happy, but not satisfied yet“, He says. “We’ll keep messing with it. The humor we showed at DC FanDome was a good indication of what was to come“.

The movie should be the first brick of the truth black Adam– Franchise business. “There is this first release visible as a clear Black Adam icon which is important because we want to build the character further. So do the rest of the franchise and the American Justice AssociationJohnson said.

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