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Offense against pizza and late-night cancellations...

Offense against pizza and late-night cancellations…

Eric Van Lowe had to see at least fifteen years before he got actress Tyne Imprechts in his audition. Finally it worked, and how. There is also disgust at a crime against pizzadom and a warning to Eric to think about its validity.

Eva de Porter

Tuesday Night Winner:

Although she does not like the audition and has not refused for 15 years, Tine Embrechts wins admirably. It even broke the record for seconds.


Hockey player Alexander Hendrix is ​​tactically very strong in the final, but in front of Geert Mayfrut he will have to lose again. When asked about the names of the animals Mowgli encountered in The Jungle Book, three answers are enough for the capacitor.

Wednesday night’s newcomer:

Dutch “Hou je bek en bef me” singer, Merol.

Best quotes:

Embrechts Eric Van Lowe previously asked him to share: “I once said yes, but then it was cancelled. I said give me until Monday. I went to the bathroom at 4:30 on Sunday night to text him.”


Jennifer Helen: “Is it true that when you go into anesthesia, the students feel the prostate?”

Mayfreud: “No, I don’t know where this legend comes from.”

Van Lowe: Where did the prostate interest come from?

Helen: Everyone should care about the prostate. You are definitely Eric, your age!

The most beautiful moment:

Some people are allergic to pineapple on pizza. But in smartest person He went a little further. On the photo tour, pizza was shown with a very suspicious toppings. Like kiwis, figs and floats. Jennifer Helen puts it the way we feel, too: Some people really want to see the world burn. If I do something like that, I really blame them.”

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