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Eating insects snake jumps climb a long ladder

A man in a T-shirt is standing next to a ladder.


Despite being one of the most iconic moments in video game history, it was only a matter of time before fast-paced racers came up with a way to beat the endearing sequences of climbing the ladder in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater completely. How sexy.

Brazilian runner Abel shared a video this morning showing how a complex set of inputs can be used to move a snake up a ladder in the modified version. Metal Gear Solid 3 Without any interference in climbing. This newly discovered technology is derived from “food icon“Abel bug that was found years ago made it possible to skip boss fights at that time.

Shortly after uploading today’s video, Abel introduced Step by step instructions About how to re-create the skip. Everything is Greek to me, but when done correctly, the snake will turn into a T and the camera will catch, saving a lot of time compared to climbing the ladder the way Hideo Kojima intended.

However, Apel notes that this is currently only useful in multiple sectors Metal Gear Solid 3 speedrun unlike continuous because the error is inconsistent. It can also crash your game, so be careful if you try it yourself.

It was originally run in a simulator, dude hard lime speedrunner Hau5test showed that you can also skip stairs On real PlayStation 3 devices† He. She It may not even require a factory reset Included in the instructions, making it applicable for one-piece world record attempts.

It’s been a while since I’ve played Metal Gear Solid 3However, the order in which the snake climbs an abnormally high ladder remains the limitinstant contact. This comes after one of the game’s strange bosses is defeated, giving you a quiet moment to reflect on Snake’s mission so far. And who can forget Cynthia HarrellFlowery acapella delivery eat snakes The theme of the song begins to break the monotony? Just aces all over the place.

Jogging is a funny thing. while it’s hard Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Climbing the ladder is considered by fans as one of the pivotal technical moments, people looking for ways to complete the game as quickly as possible view the same sequence as a frustrating obstacle between them and their goals. As someone who does not belong to either camp, I am happy to visit the place.

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