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Manual for Mac mini 2022 found at Firmware Studio Display

There have been rumors about the Mac mini 2022 for some time, but for the first time real evidence of the new model has been found.

Show studio firmware

He. She studio view It is a 27-inch screen from Apple that was announced in March. Remarkably, it has an A13 Bionic chip built in, which in fact makes it a PC in itself. This chip runs a modified version of iOS 15.4 – an interesting reference has now been found in this program.

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Developer Steve Troughton Smith Find out that in the firmware “Macmini10.1” is mentioned. This model does not exist yet. The latest version of Mac mini (with M1 chip) is called “Macmini9.1”.

Mac mini 2022 rumors

Mac mini 2022 . power supply

So the Mac mini in question is a completely new model. It’s totally no surprise that he’s appeared now, because there have been rumors for some time that we’ll be facing offMac mini 2022‘ Go to see.

But what can we expect from this new model? At the moment, there are still some doubts about this. A new thinner design is expected anyway, but what the Mac mini will look like internally is unclear. It could be a model with an Apple M2 chip, but it could also be a “premium” version of the Mac mini with an M1 Pro chip.

Still too early for the M2?

Apple M2 version

The possibility of a Mac mini with an M2 chip seems to be the smallest. For now, Apple has yet to bring the M1 to the Mac Pro, and the announcement of devices with a newer chip at the same time can cause confusion. It’s plausible that Apple first wants to have all their Macs on the M1 before making the move to the M2.

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This means that “Macmini10.1” is most likely a version with the M1 Pro chip. We’ll know more later this year – maybe even in June when Apple hosts the annual WWDC

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