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Ed Sheeran is furious in court: "This song hasn't been released yet, where did you get that from?"  † Music

Ed Sheeran is furious in court: “This song hasn’t been released yet, where did you get that from?” † Music

MusicEd Sheeran, 31, went to the High Court in London for the second time today to defend his song “Shape of You” in a plagiarism case. According to Sam Shoukry and Ross O’Donoghue, Ed was based on the melody from their song ‘Oh Why’. Sheeran and fellow songwriters Stephen McCutchen and John David denied all blame. The defense turned out to be a difficult task, because the opposing party’s lawyers are smart guys. Ed Sheeran is a squirrel obsessed with music.

Opposing lawyers are doing everything they can to prove that Ed takes his songs from other artists. “It’s possible sometimes,” the singer said. “But I always use the right quote. I’ve added a lot of unknown artists to my sources in the past. So why didn’t I do that on purpose this time? I had no knowledge of this particular song.”

Ed even sang a few songs in court to show that some things sung with the same key and rhythm automatically sound like each other. “But that doesn’t mean they depend on each other.”

At one point, Sheeran’s old memoir is brought in, where he can be heard singing the “Oh I” part, about which the case of plagiarism is concrete. Lawyers for Sam Shoukry and Ross O’Donoghue claim he sings “Oh Why.” Sheeran denies this, and believes that the difference between the two is undetectable in spoken English.

with premeditation

Sheeran says he writes most songs spontaneously, so there’s no such thing as “premeditated.” His opponents are trying to prove the opposite. And they use the craziest arguments for it. “You claim you were off the radar for a year in 2016, but in an interview just before that you said you were afraid to disappear from the music world. You weren’t off the radar at all.” They then described the British singer as a “music-obsessed squirrel” who absorbs music from other artists like a sponge, then consciously relies on their work. “It’s not true at all,” Ed said. “I definitely disappeared from the spotlight for a year. I just meant I was afraid people wouldn’t like my music anymore, that’s it.”

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for Rihanna

According to Ed, there was no intention initially to put the song on his record “Divide”. “I thought it hit my other single, ‘Castle On The Hill.’ However, my management wanted to make ‘Shape of You’ my first single. When I heard it, I actually tweaked it here and there, because I wanted it to be sung entirely in my own style. “. He wrote the song with artist Rihanna in mind, but she preferred not to sing it because it was “too bold”. Prosecutors also use this fact to show that Sheeran “thought long” on his songs: “If I wrote them with Rihanna in mind, why would she be ‘Girl, Do You Know I Want Your Love’? You wouldn’t sing it like that, right?” Ed answered dryly, “Because she She would say ‘Boy’. It only takes a second to change that.’

Unrest also broke out during the trial, when the opposing party played a song from Ed. Suddenly, another song was accidentally played through the speakers. Sheeran, visibly shocked, pointed at the sound system and then exclaimed, “This is a song I wrote in January of last year. This isn’t out yet! I want to know how I got it!” Sheeran received an apology, but was not told how to obtain the material.

The process will take three weeks.

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