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John de Mol is under fire, but his company is doing well: New concept 'Million Dollar Island' is a hit |  television

John de Mol is under fire, but his company is doing well: New concept ‘Million Dollar Island’ is a hit | television

televisionHe’s personally under fire over the abuse scandal surrounding “The Voice of Holland,” but his company, Talpa, doesn’t seem to be bothered by that. John de Mol had already sold his new survival show “Million Dollar Island” to America, even before the first episode aired in the Netherlands.

Those who watch the trailer immediately see that “Million Dollar Island” is a combination of “The Hunger Games”, “Squid Game” and “Expedition Robinson”. De Mol himself says, “But it’s also a social experience, like ‘Big Brother’.” He co-produced the show with Monday Media. A hundred people are dropped on a tropical island during the program. Then they have to compete against each other, but they also can’t survive Life without working closely together. Commitment? 1 million euros. At the beginning of the game, each participant gets a wristband of 10,000 euros. If they want to surrender or withdraw, they have to pass their wristband to a survivor. In this way, a lot of money can be collected together.

Looks interesting, or so people in America thought. Even before only one episode was shown on Dutch television, the concept had already been sold out in the United States. The honor goes to television channel NBC, which previously bought the rights to John’s The Voice show.

It’s a stroke of luck for DeMall, which has been completely demolished by “The Voice Holland” in recent months. In the broadcast of the Dutch online program “BOOS”, several victims who believed they had been abused and even raped spoke by, among others, “The Voice” jury member Ali B. In the same episode, John responded by saying that women should be quicker to communicate if something happened to them. He received a lot of criticism for this, also from the women in his company, because he seemed to blame the abused women.

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