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Eight participants are competing in the International Excel Contest

Microsoft is hosting an international competition at Excel. The competition revolves around financial modeling, which Microsoft considers a sport. Eight different participants from eight different countries have been invited to this competition, and these Excel guides will compete with each other on June 8th.

You read that right, Excel is now officially a sport. For some time now, the Microsoft Office program has been a frenzied competition in which participants compete to make the most complex events in Excel. Financial Modeling World Cup: Multiplayer Battle Eight of the best Excel users face each other in direct competition.

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The Financial Modeling World Cup can be followed live via the live stream on the YouTube channel. After the competition, the created files will be shared with the audience so that they can better see what they have made and learn something from it.

The expert panel evaluates

Finally, participants should present their detailed case to an expert panel and answer various questions about their approach to the issue. The expert panel includes Adam Collins of the United States and Daniel Stein Fairhurst of Australia, who are Microsoft accredited players in the field.

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Diverse group of candidates

The list of candidates is very different. For example, Andrew Nangai from the UK, Anup Agarwal from India and Michael German from Canada are the best favorites to win. In fact, Ngai is currently considered the second best user in the world. But John Lim of New Zealand and Jeff Heng Xiang Tan of Malaysia are in the top 10 in the world in this field.

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The list is topped by current champion Jason Weber of Africa, Stephanie Anneros of the United States and Gabriela Straj of Poland. Only the latter two compete. Current world champion Diormoid Early and the only Dutchman in the top 10 will not be taking part in the tournament.