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Elden Ring DLC ​​is under fire in terms of performance and difficulty

Elden Ring DLC ​​is under fire in terms of performance and difficulty

Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree is generally well received, but many players have negative opinions regarding performance and, believe it or not, difficulty.

As a result, user ratings have increased steam Currently ‘Broken’ after over 23,000 reviews. Players mainly complain about the stuttering performance of the game. The vast majority of negative reviews are about this topic. According to many, the game, which has never run smoothly, has become less stable in the DLC.

Then there’s another issue that many players seem to be concerned about: Shadow of the Erdtree is extremely difficult. Players complain about bosses that are too aggressive and leave no room for healing. “The design of enemies and bosses is not fun,” one wrote. “Every boss has to be a Malenia, and every boss has to deal a lot of damage and have a lot of health,” complains another.

Interestingly, many players are now suddenly concerned about the difficulty level. In the past, it has always been the case that expansions for FromSoftware games increase the difficulty level significantly. Is this a case? Get Good?

Our Dwayne, like almost all the reviewers, was… Excited about Shadow of the Erdtree. “The simple shadow world is reminiscent of Dark Souls and is wonderfully atmospheric, with beautiful visuals and compelling music. The new weapons are exciting to try out, enemies, bosses and other NPCs breathe personality and the enemies are wonderfully unforgiving. Above all else,” the Escherian level design shines “In this smaller world, and you’ll enjoy getting lost in it, it’s memorable DLC for an equally memorable base game,” he wrote in his review.

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