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This is how a few games were developed for PSVR 2

This is how a few games were developed for PSVR 2

There are rarely any games developed for PSVR2. The PlayStation 5 virtual reality headset will have two announced VR games in the pipeline.

PlayStation VR 2 is a good virtual reality headset and has many of the best games already released on it, including the Dutch Horizon Call of the Mountain, the horror game Resident Evil in two forms, and the racing game Gran Turismo 7. There are plenty of options with over 200 Game available on headset. But the device now appears to be at a standstill: only two games are being developed on it, as far as we know.


We already reported in March about a possible halt in the production of headsets and regarding gaming, Sony also seems to be following the plan of pressing the pause button when it comes to VR headsets. Sources confirm Android Central Sony is also cutting budgets for VR games, making it less attractive for game studios to develop these immersive games.

It’s not known what the games are, but there are only two PSVR 2 games in development at Sony. We haven’t heard anything else about this yet, which raises doubts about whether it will ever see the light of day. So it doesn’t look too good for VR headsets, although fortunately there are plenty of existing games to take advantage of. The fact that the hack of Insomniac, the studio of choice for VR games, did not include a single VR game seems to be a sign of the times and this is now reinforced by this source. Hopefully, Sony still has some secrets for us in the form of VR games in development, but hope for that is increasingly dwindling.

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