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Electrified cement becomes an endless source of energy

Electrified cement becomes an endless source of energy

Researchers have developed a way to store electricity in cement using affordable and widely available materials, allowing a home's concrete foundations to store enough energy to meet daily needs. This technology could be expanded to include electrified roads that power electric cars while driving.

Why is this important?

This innovation promises to revolutionize how we think about energy storage and use. In a world increasingly dependent on renewable energy sources, this technology provides a solution to irregular energy production from sources such as solar and wind.

In the news. Electrified cement allows electrical energy to be stored in building and road structures. Reports

Zoom in. While traditional lithium-ion batteries, such as Tesla's Powerwall, can only provide power for up to half a day, electrified cement can store enough energy to power household appliances for an entire day.

  • Potential applications include powering electric cars on electricity

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