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Elephants tossing poachers to death in South Africa

Elephants tossing poachers to death in South Africa

Elephants on Saturday kicked a suspected poacher in Kruger Park, South Africa. That reports the park operator, South Africa National Parks.

During a routine search, guards arrested three suspected fishermen in the southern portion of Kruger Park on Saturday. They had an ax and a rifle that they left behind when they saw the guards.

All three fled. A suspected poacher encountered a herd of elephants with calves on his journey. The animals responded to his arrival and kicked him to death. The guards managed to arrest another man who informed the guards that his companion was being run over. The Notifications They are still looking for the third partner who got injured in his eye.

According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, there are an estimated 415,000 elephants on the African continent. Despite an international ban on the ivory trade, tens of thousands of elephants are still killed each year due to their tusks, according to the park. Kruger Park is one of the main safari destinations in South Africa and is one of the largest game reserves on the continent, famous for elephants, lions, rhinos, tigers and buffaloes.

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